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Impresión en tu ataúd


Leyendo en una revista de Estados Unidos Paula Aven Gladych escribe sobre customatizar su ataúd, con diferentes técnicas de rotulación se puede lograr, puede ser usado para su familiar, para usted mismo o para su mascota, es buena idea un poco diferente, que piensa usted?

Tiene en mente una idea!!!


Le dejamos parte de este artículo…

People like to think that when they die, they will go out in style. They plan their funerals in advance. They purchase plots in cemeteries and choose caskets or cremation urns that best fit their personality. But thanks to digital printing, post-life planning is taking on a whole new level of customization.

Advancements in printing, ink and materials technologies have paved the way for more personalized burial options.

Instead of buying the Cadillac of coffins—made from expensive wood or metal—individuals can now choose from more sustainable and customizable options that tap into more traditional printing and digital graphics processes.

“The funeral industry is so traditional, but it is slowly changing because people are not happy with the options they get,” says Mike Grehan, president and CEO of LifeArt International in Hong Kong, which makes caskets out of its proprietary Enviroboard material, a sustainable product made from recycled wood fiber. “Printed coffins are one of those things. People realize you can have a choice, something that looks very different, yet is dignified and respects the person who died and is much more in tune with today’s world.”

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